Through projects and themed events that raise awareness to current issues, Soulstice aims to engage the whole Bay Area community in the world of art for change. Specifically, Soulstice actively works to invite the surrounding communities of color, which may lack representation and exposure to the art world. Our events and future projects aim to support small business entrepreneurs while bringing forth the discussion of current issues through art. Our vision is to create an accessible safe for creative expression while working as a community to mend injustices.


Soulstice began as two friends with a dream of giving back to our Bay Area community. Affected by the devastating fires damaging the Bay Area community, and inspired by our passion for art and creativity, we began planning our first show, "Smoke in My Eyez". We welcomed 250 guests for a night of love for our planet, celebrating with local artists, performers, and vendors. Soulstice was officially founded in June 2019, and we have continued to expand our platform, hosting many projects and shows for various social justice causes, while supporting organizations.